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Registration and Check-In
Pre-Fair Assembly and Set-up
Post-Fair Clean-Up
Judge Assistant
Student Session Assistant
Judge: Grade and assess the student entries.
Registration and Check-In: Assist teachers, parents, and participants by providing information needed for the day.
Hospitality: Assist in various areas by answering questions of parents or teachers, maintaining food areas, giving directions, and/or providing general assistance.
Photographer: Capture the day\'s activities across campus.
Pre-Fair Assembly and Set-up: Assemble awards and/or goodie bags, move equipment or other items, and complete similar tasks.
Post-Fair Clean-Up: Assist in returning all areas of campus to their pre-fair condition.
Judge Assistant: Assist a judge team with totaling scores and other similar tasks.
Student Session Assistant: Assist members of the SWU Science Club with student sessions from approximately 9:00-10:30 am.